22 August 2005

The Sky

I went into my first class and the sky was crystal clear.
I go to my second class and look out the window.
I was in the south hall way, so I was looking out over COS.
The sky was really dark.
Then I heard thunder rolling.
They have an announcement that goes over the base speaker when lightning is around.
We've al memorized it.
It goes...
"Attention in the area, Attention in the area.
Lightning has been spotted in the area.
All personal should use the stairwells and hallways as much as possible.
I say again...
Lightning has been spotted in the area.
Command Center out."
Just after I heard the thunder I begin to recite it.
Just as I got to the first "Lightning has been spotted..."
The entire sky lights up.
It was awesome.
The split second I saw of it was absolutely gorgeous.
Why am I so fascinated with the sky?


Palm boy said...

What do they annouce the warnings for?
Fire Hazzard?

Oh, and do you know what altitude your at?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

They think we (or the upperclassmen, anyway) are to expensive to lose to lightning.
After they pump over $300,000 worth of education into us,that does seem like a waste.

Yes I do know the altitude.
The upperclassmen ask us all the time.
"Sir, my altitude is 7,258 feet above sea-level-far,far above that of West Point or Annapolis."