27 August 2005

Eagle's Peak

My squad hiked to the top of Eagles peak today.
It 9,368 ft high.
more than 2,000 ft higher than the cadet area
We made it up in about an hour and a half.
That was fun.


Ryan said...

Dude! I'm so happy you're having fun. I hope you have lotsa stories when you come back :-)

By the way, I was going to ask if you'd be back for homeschool prom, we'd love to have you again! Catch ya later,


TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

I try to post a most of my stories here so you guys don't have to wait for my breaks.
check the archives starting at June 30.
Everything that's worth telling that I'm aloud to tell that I can remember is in there.

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

Oh yah!
I wish I could be there for prom.
I never got enough of that stuff.
Unfortunately, they don't let us out for things like that.
And none of my breaks falls on the time frame.