29 August 2005

Bad Day

Today was the first bad day I’ve had here.
I’m surprised it’s taken this long.
As I explained earlier,
There are M days and T days.
Each have a different set of classes and they alternate.
I thought today was an M day.
(It’s really a T day)
On M days I have Wrestling at 0930 in the gym.
On T days I have Chemistry at 0930 in Faichild Hall.
That’s on the other side of the Cadet Area.
So…Thinking it’s an M day,
I spent the morning preparing for M day classes.
I go to the gym for Wrestling at 0930.
Gym classes start 15 min into the period to give everyone a chance to get down the and change.
As I’m sitting there, I’m thinking…
“How can today be an M day if Friday is a T day?
I KNOW Friday is a T day because I have Chemistry on Parent’s Weekend Friday.”
Then some cadet walks up to me that I don’t recognize and says,
“Are you making up class?”
“Have you always been in this class the whole semester?”
“Of course!”
Then the instructor walks in and we all fall in.
Some guy reports for the class that I’ve never seen before.
They call role.
I don’t recognize any of the names, and my name isn’t called.

It clicks.
I talk to the instructor just to double check.
I then run the locker room to change back into my uniform.
By the time I get to class,
I’m 45 min late.
The Instructor asks to speak with me after class.
I explained what happened.
He didn’t make a big deal out of it.
He said running up from the gym was punishment enough,
So he’d let it go.

Sound bad?
I’m not done yet.
Because I went straight to class,
I didn’t have any of my books or papers.
For that class, or the rest of the day.
So I went to every class and had to explain why I didn’t have my computer or my books.
My Instructors are all really cool,
So they didn’t have a problem with that.
But it meant that I didn’t know what was going on for the rest of the day.
There are always last minute E-Mails that we need to know about.

Oh Well…
I lived.

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