04 November 2008

My Prediction of the Future

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have seen the future.
And being one that i particularly interested in the military,
I will focus on that.

The Army will be issued the newest of weapons,
The new M-17 CG.
And in the interest of increasing the global economy and international relations,
Not to mention acquiring the finest in quality,
They will all be manufactured in China.
While they are still on the drawing board,
This is a prototype of our next round of fighter jets.
There are also plans for a bomber version.
We are still looking for ways to make the more economically friendly.
The current model uses too many trees.

There is talk of a new border policy.
Only few details have been released,
but we do know,
It has been code named Cheese Net.
We will be replacing the National Anthem.

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