20 October 2008

AS 300 Midterm

Since Capt Cook has declined to provide us with the slides he uses in class,
I have decided to use alternate means to acquire them
The list isn't 100% complete,
But it's better than nothing.

Lesson 1: Intro to leadership
Lesson 2: Air Force Leadership
Lesson 3: The Profession of Arms
Lesson 4:
Lesson 5: Assessing Leaders
Lesson 6: Managing Stress
Lesson 7: Sexual Assault Prevention
Lesson 8: Critical Thinking
Lesson 9: Air Force Writing
Lesson 10: Writing Strategies
Lesson 11: The Basics of Briefing
Lesson 12: Team Building
Lesson 13: Problem Solving
Lesson 14: Problem Solving Exercise
Lesson 15: Followership
Lesson 16: Motivation

Hope this helps someone

Capt Cook has requested that I take these down.
Hope you got to these before I had to get rid of them.

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odincadet said...

I saw your army vs air force video. It's hilarious; do you know where I could find the original photos that were used in it?