10 July 2008

What You Really Need Is Some Organic Fuel

My dad owns a Turbo Diesel Injection 2003 Volks Wagon Jeta.
He's been wanting to convert it to run on Bio Diesel.
And with gas prices these days,
I don't blame him.
He's bee working on it for a few months now,
But things are just starting to pick up.
We managed to find the right ratios of chemicals.

We made a small batch,
And it seems to work,
But it wasn't any where near enough to run the car on.
It made about one pint.

We're started making our first large batch tonight.
Should be about five gallons when it finishes.
After the machine finishes mixing it,
We'll have to wash it and filter it.
It'll be another few days before we find out if it worked.

Here's a Link to the photo album so far.

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