28 March 2008

Guess Who Finally Got a Car

It's a 2001 Honda Civic.
I picked it because it's a good dependable car that gets good gas mileage.
I got it from the Sewell dealership in Plano.
While they were working on the paperwork,
My dad and I went to get some lunch.
And then we went to Walmart to get some thingsfor it.
Routine stuff like an air filter and fluids.
Usually the dealership takes car of those things,
But they were trying to keep the cost low,
So it was an "As Is" car.
When we got back,
The sales man was changing the plates.
We decided this was a good time to do our stuff.
So we popped the hood and got to work.
When the sales man came around and saw us,
He wasn't sure what to do.
Sewell's little slogan is "obsessed with service",
And the type of people that normally got there are the kind that are afraid to get their hands dirty.
So he was abit taken back by us elbow deep in the car.
While it was still on the show room floor.
He wasn't quiet sure what to do.
We found out afterwards that the CEO for all the Sewell dealerships was walking around that day.
That was entertaining watching him squirm.

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