20 November 2007


I fixed my laptop.
I started getting slower this semester,
Even after a clean system reinstall and defrag.
Two weeks ago it started locking up within five minutes of booting up.
Every time.
I finally got a chance to open it up.
What a mess!!!
That was disgusting.
Dust bunnies every where.
The fan was so full of dust it was stuck.
My Ohm meter didn't even register that it had a connection.
The heat sink was packed full of dust.
A quick vacuum cleaning and reassembly,
And now it works good as new.
Actually better,
I have some enhancements that USAFA didn't preinstall.
I'd post pics for every one else,
but y'all can just take yours the the help desk in Faichild.
Now I can actually get some work done.

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