30 July 2007


For those of you who care about the whole mud thing,
Here is a little bit about what I've been doing.

One of my projects requires a source of Iron.
I know steel is high in Iron,
But I can't find enough info on the impurities.
So I can't use it.
That means,
almost every source I can think of is nor eligible.

I thought I could skip the whole mud thing by ordering Iron pellets from a science store on the web.
Minor detail,
These pellets will not conduct electricity.
They seem to be used to dissolve in water for making batteries.
Not sure about the though.

It's back to the mud.
I got a bag of Ironite from Lowe's.
It's soil with higher levels of iron for plants.
So I mixed it with water,
And used a magnet to pull the Iron out.
Using the info on the back,
I calculated I could extract 51.3 cubic centimeters from that bag.
I haven't measured it precisely yet.
But it looks really close


Palm boy said...

Creative. I assume you used a plastic wrap on the Iron so it comes off clean?

Redwalldebater said...

Wow... I didn't, well yeah I guess I did. Ironite should be a source of Iron huh....

yeah, I'm smart!

Anyway, very clever, but what is this for again?

TheEarthCanBeMoved said...

If it works,
I may post on it.
depending on a few variables.