31 December 2004


I left for the camp about ten o'clock christmas day and got there about 6 the next day.
It was down in San Antonio.
It's supposed to be an indocturnation school for new recruites.
The experienced cadets are on staff.
Two years ago they startd have Advanced Training Squadron same timesame place for older cadets.
Last year they changed the name to Ground Search and Rescue Specialty School.

The cadet comander is a cadet at the Air Force Academy.
He said that when I get my appointment to let him know and he'll try to be my sponsor cadet.

The only adult to go through the school was also an Academy grad.
At the academy, upperclassmen can't drop you for pushups with outdoing them with you.
He said there was one cadet, who when talking with upperclassmen wouldshout' "Pushups? Here sir? Yes Sir! One, Sir! Two Sir! Three Sir!..."
Those upperclassmen would get into so much trouble.
There was another cadet whose last nem was Guess.
He'd leave his name tag in the barracks occasionally.
When the upper classmen would get on his case and ask him his name,"Guess Sir!"
Who's on first?

There was one cadet that was unintentionally messing with my mind.
She had the hair and face of one of the girls on my mission team.
That and when she wore the camoflauge, yikes!

We camped three miles away from the Basic Cadets at the indocternationschool, but we would eat dinner with them.
One night, showed them our "War Faces" (distorting your face andshouting to look scarry)Chief Hankenson thought they could better.
They tried.
There were more than a hundred of them, abd thirteen of us.
We blew 'em out of the water.

The next night, after everyone sat down for dinner, I jumped up and hollered acrosse the room to my cammander, "Hey, Captain!"
"Yah, Koller. What's up?"
"Why'd the chicken cross the road?"
"I don't know! Why?"
"To give Chief Hankenson his daily lessons on War Faces!"
Needless to say, The Chief didn't like this.
He proceeded to say that just because we spent all week out in thewoods, didn't make us tougher, it only made us smellyer.
He was only half right.
He pulled out a can of Ax (Heavy Duty Air Freshner) and walked down thetable spraying us down.
Only when he got to the end of the table, did he realize he had leftthe lid on the can.
I jump up and holler, "Hey, Captain!"
"Yah, Koller. What's up?"
"why'd the chicken cross the road?"
"I don't know! Why?"
"To show Chief Hankenson how to open a can of Ax!"
He gave up with the can and said that this could only be settled theold fasion way.
A flutter kick contest (The CAP choice exercise).
Our best against him. He was expecting our comander.Of course, being a team, we all junmped up.
We had just gotten back from PT, but that stoped noone.
We did them all in cadence and every single on of us beat them.
I was the last one up because I couldn't see the Chief give up.
Thankfully, the Public Affairs Officer got it all on video.I ordered a CD from her.
I got back about 8:30 New Years Eve and went straight to a party thatlasted until two.
I got a total of 30 hours of sleep between Christams morning and New year's Eve.

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